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Our horses are descendent of Arabic-Berber race and had been introduced in the island since 1500 during Portuguese colony that actually make them typical. We require a maximum weight of 75kg/11.5 stone as they are not so big and we also care about them.
Riding a horse in the middle of the oasis and along the beach remain one of the greatest experience the nature can offer. You can enjoy birds singing or meeting free animals like donkeys, ospreys. You can also feel the “noise” of the wave along the beach.
We also propose riding in respect with the experience of the participant. We have a lovely stable where kids can enjoy a few entertainment games set on purpose for them and adults can relax under the shadow.

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For good level rider:
1h 30 starting from our stable, going through the oasis and along the beach.
For beginners and children: 30 min, along the beach or in the middle of the oasis between palm trees, white sand dunes but holding the horse by a rope.

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